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In case you exchange material within the project, please consider the need for a separate Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).

Please find here a model for an MTA.

Here you can find our

Art. II.30.4 and Art. II.12.2 of our grant agreement lay down the following rules:

  • The following standard disclaimer and acknowledgement is to be written on all publications of EPC-TM net:

    „The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 256974.

    This paper reflects only the author’s views and the European Union is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.”

    This means for you: Do not forget to include this information in your manuscripts or on your posters or books. It is a contractual duty!

  • Any dissemination activity shall be reported in the plan for the use and dissemination of foreground, including sufficient details/references to enable the Commission to trace the activity.

    This means for you: Please keep track of your publications as they need to be reported on in the frame of our periodic reports.

  • With regard to scientific publications relating to foreground published before or after the final report, such details/references and an abstract of the publication must be provided to the Commission at the latest two months following publication. Furthermore, an electronic copy of the published version or the final manuscript accepted for publication shall also be provided to the Commission at the same time for the purpose set out in Article II.12.2 if this does not infringe any rights of third parties.

    This means for you: Please send an abstract of your publication to the project office at concentris the moment when it is accepted for publication. concentris will forward it to the relevant services at the EC for you.

  • According to Special Clause 39 of our grant agreement, we are furthermore bound to the following provisions:

    In addition to Article II.30.4, beneficiaries shall deposit an electronic copy of the published version or the final manuscript accepted for publication of a scientific publication relating to foreground published before or after the final report in an institutional or subject-based repository at the moment of publication.

    Beneficiaries are required to make their best efforts to ensure that this electronic copy becomes freely and electronically available to anyone through this repository:

    • immediately if the scientific publication is published "open access", i.e. if an electronic version is also available free of charge via the publisher, or
    • within 6 months of publication.
  • In addition to this, the EPC-TM net Consortium Agreement contains the following provisions:

    Dissemination activities including but not restricted to publications and presentations shall be governed by the procedure of Article II.30.3 of the EC-GA subject to the following provisions.

    (1) Prior notice of any planned publication shall be made to the General Assembly via the project office 45 days before the publication. Any objection to the planned publication shall be made in accordance with the EC-GA in writing to the Coordinator and to any Party concerned within 30 days after receipt of the notice. If no objection is made within the time limit stated above, consent is deemed to be given and the publication is permitted.

    (2) An objection is justified if the protection of the objecting Party's Foreground or Background is adversely affected.

    The objection has to include a precise request for necessary modifications.

    (3) The Party objecting to a planned Dissemination activity has to show that its legitimate interests regarding its Foreground or Background will suffer disproportionately great harm and shall include a request for necessary modifications. Under no circumstances can the consent for a publication or communication be withheld by any of the Parties for a period longer than 30 days following the objection, provided that no Foreground, Background or Confidential information is inserted in the Dissemination activity, without the approval of the owner.

    (4) If an objection has been raised the involved Parties shall discuss how to overcome the justified grounds for the objection on a timely basis (for example by amendment to the planned publication and/or by protecting information before publication) and the objecting Party shall not unreasonably continue the opposition if appropriate actions are performed following the discussion.

    (5) Authorship on publications will be based on academic standards and custom.

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